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Harbin Jingda Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd., founded in February 2001, is a high-tech enterprise located in Harbin High-tech Development Zone, which is specialized in development, design, production and sales services of precision measuring instruments in the machinery manufacturing industry. With powerful technical strength, we boast nearly 100 employees and technology R&D, production and sales teams. Most of employees are professionals in design and production of precision measuring instruments, and have years of

technical and practical experience, and deep understanding of users’

demands and strong responsibility. Over 10 years of development, now we have a plant in an area of 15000 square meters, with independent precision machining workshop and large-scale assembly workshop.

We developed the China's first electronic generative gear measuring instrument successfully. In these years, we have kept a dominant position in the development of domestic gear measuring technology, and developed JD/JE/JA/JL and other series of gear measuring instruments that have been widely recognized in the industry and attracted a large number of customers. In addition, our JD series gear measuring instruments represent the?new development trends of China’s gear measuring instruments.

As Jingda gear measuring technology matures, we make efforts to keep our commitment to customers, input development of new products and newly optimize products on the basis of technical services and upgrading at the market, and further launch new generation of JE series gear measuring instruments that are more efficient, practical and cost-performance; JD series gear measuring instruments are comprehensively improved through direct drive technology and 3D probe system for the first time, and new software and other latest technologies, and precision and precision stability are enhanced by the overall optimization of mechanical structure, therefore this series represent the high-end gear measuring instrument of China. We have finished the research of JE152 and JL160 measuring instruments, which have the leading level in the domestic market.
“Harbin Jingda Machinery Development Co., Ltd.” was newly formed by Jingda young technical team as shareholders, and is committed to development of gear online measurement equipment, gear dual-flank measuring instruments and semiautomatic gear selector. It has filled the gap of the field in China, and gradually formed a prosperous market.
We are grateful for the understanding and support of customers and friends in the industry over these years, and offer the advanced precision measuring instruments and effective and value-added services for users. We would like to work with the peers and experts, offer high cost-performance products and professional technical supports for users, and make new contributions to China’s measuring instrument industry.

Tel:+86-0451-84368056(57) Fax :0451-84368058  E-mail:[email protected] Brand Website:Beautiful Future
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